26th April Coaching the Coach

Leaders considering Coaching as a style of managing their team will bring certain skills which they naturally possess. Others they may need to learn. During the ‘Coaching the Coach’ learning intervention, the delegate will learn:
1. What Executive Coaching is?
a. Consider how Coaching differs from mentoring, training, consulting or counselling
b. How to encourage the notion that you are encouraging the Coachee to intentionally move forward
2. The application of Coaching in the Workplace
a. The ability to read a situation and apply Coaching when relevant
3. Types of Coaching
a. Formal
b. Informal
4. Structuring a Coaching Session
a. Using a specific model to allow the Coaching sessions to flow and have specific goals
5. Identify the skills required to be a good Coach
a. Analysis of the skills required to be a good Coach, self-reflection for each delegate to understand what particular traits they need to work on
b. How to measure the impact
  • Coaching the Coach
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed