Building a Growth Mindset (Optimising Your Growth Journey)

Building a Growth Mindset (Optimising Your Growth Journey)
Optimise Your Growth Journey
Delivered by Simon Haigh & Guests

Dave Ulrich- Father of Modern HR - Opening Remarks

Module 1:
Build your Resilient Growth Mindset with Eduardo Briceno - world leading expert on Growth Mindset
− Introduction to resilience
− The capacity to cope
− Motivation
− Growth Mindset - Introduction, motivation, and mindset, what leads to growth, leading a learning culture - with Eduardo Briceno)

Module 2:
Optimise your Awareness & Gratitude with contributions from Dr Susie Mitchell - High Performance Strategist, Mentor, Key Note Speaker
− EI - empathy, awareness, alignment, authentic self
− Your mindset
− Your personal vision – what and who you want to be
− Your strengths and capabilities

Module 3:
Maximise your Authentic Self & Project it Out - with Brian Schulmann - CEO of Voice Your Vibe
& Linkedin Top Voice
− Navigating confrontation and conflict
− Self-regulation and focus
− Embracing the future and uncertainty
− Inclusive mindset

Module 4:
Align your Resilience, Awareness & Authentic Self to Optimise your Growth Journey with Hortense Le Gentil - world no. #13 management thought leader and author of “Aligned”
− Overcoming limiting beliefs
− Taking responsibility
− Balancing optimism with realism
− Bringing it all together to roadmap your potential
  • Building a Growth Mindset - Optimising Your Growth Journey
  • Day 1 Reaply: Building a Growth Mindset
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed